Monday, May 4, 2015

Kroger: The Green Grocer

Even large companies see the advantages of going green. One such company is Kroger, a well-known grocery store in Georgia. They are trying to be good to their environment and are encouraging their customers to do the same.  Kroger was recently recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency for their efforts in reducing food waste. They have an organic recycling program that runs in 1,000 stores and they have recycled 35 million pounds of plastics. They were the first large retailer in America to design a system that converts unuseful food into clean energy.
Kroger also uses sustainable seafood which means that they do not catch fish that are limited in population and they get some of their fish from farms so they do not interfere with coastal habitats.
They also try to make their shipping fleets as efficient as possible. They do this through limiting the number f miles that their fleet travels and loading their trucks to capacity.
One store owned by Kroger, called Fry's, has a PowerParasol. This design shades the parking lot of Fry's as it produces solar energy. It spans 1.7 acres and is expected to generate 1 million killowatt hours of clean energy.
To see more of what Kroger has done and is planning for the environment, visit


  1. Its great that companies are starting to take an initiative to be more environmentally friendly. Hopefully Kroger's efforts will rub off on more companies!

  2. Enjoyable read, guys. Always make sure your pics post, and that you don't just summarize an article, but rather research and synthesize. I learned some good things!